When my husband Luke and I started our vegetable farm, we had a very clear plan. He would grow the vegetables and I would sell them. Luke planted 10,000 tomato plants and I got in the prison van, headed to Memphis to sell the tomatoes. When I wasn’t selling the tomatoes, I was canning the tomatoes and when I wasn’t canning the tomatoes, I was drinking vodka straight. If you have never been faced with 4,000 pounds of tomatoes and no place to take them, you don’t know real terror. I was on my porch with vodka in my hand when Luke walked by with a very worried look on his face. His gaze rested on the almost empty glass in my hand. With a heavy sigh, he said, “Some people like to add ice and bloody mary mix to their vodka. You could start your own bloody mary mix.” This is how Debutante Farmer bloody mary mix was born. This is what I now know. If the tomatoes don’t kill you, they will make you stronger. Bloody marys are the only thing you can drink at 9am and no one will look at you funny. Our bloody mary mix is all about the tomatoes. No need for additives, gluten, boat loads of salt, or preservatives.  – Elizabeth Heiskell